Experience for studying 5 continents along with James Cook Singapore

James Cook Singapore (JCUS) has announced an exchange program for students of JCUS to over 65 partner universities in 21 countries from 5 continents around the world. All students studying Bachelor of disciplines relating to business and information technology at JCU Singapore may attend in 1-2 term exchanging students with tuition in Singapore.

James Cook University has been (JCUS) recently honored as the first and only school in Singapore winning the certificate EduTrust Star of Singapore. Visco is the official representative of James Cook Singapore, held a meeting with representatives of school to share training programs, scholarship opportunities and experiences to study in Singapore.

The top quality of teaching in Singapore

All curriculums at James Cook Singapore University are exactly the same as at James Cook University in Australia, to meet the high standards and expectations for a great University having the high ranking in the world. James Cook Singapore currently owns the prestigious awards:

In 2009, JCU Singapore is known for being one of three greatest private institutions awarded Asia One People’s Choice Awards- the top noble award in Asia for education

In 2010, the school has the additional Edu Trust Certification of private education council of Singapore.

In 2014, it is the first and only University in Singapore certified NEAS for the quality of teaching English in Singapore

In 2015: It is awarded EduTrust Star certification which is the highest one for the universities in Singapore.

The ideal learning environment for students

Combining with practical knowledge of the Asian environment into the curriculum, JCU Singapore is asured to maintain the quality of Australian university degree but it is not diverged from reality. In addition, extra-curricular activities at the seminar, workshop or exhibition also provide soft skills for students.

Time and tuition saving

Program at the JCU Singapore is operated specially, with the selection of 12 subjects for 1 year instead of 8 subjects in one year as in Australia, to enable students to shorten the academic time with 2 years of Bachelor and 1 year of Master program.

Much opportunity for students

Students studying business administration at JCU Singapore will be selected 1 additional major and outside the current speciality without payment of any additional expense. For example, students studying Master of Information Technology can register for dual degree program of Master of Business Administration – Information Technology.

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