ONCAMPUS TEXAS – University of North Texas

OnCampus TEXAS is the first-year program of the prestigious American University of reputable educational institutions of Cambridge Education Group (CEG) of Britain, teaching at the University of North Texas. University of North Texas was founded in 1890 and currently it has 36,000 students enrolled. North Texas is the”Flagship” University of Texas (each state in the United States is selected only one of the best universities to consider as “Flagship”)

The school is located in Denton – from Dallas city about 40 minutes by car, one of third of city population of the city is student. USA Today is voted by Denton newspaper as the best city in 2 consecutive years based on beautiful scenery, the friendliness, the sights, relax and gastronomy. The city is also the cultural attractions and music, attracting more than 300,000 visitors to the annual music festival.

OnCampus TEXAS’s student is accumulated 30 credits and definite transition to the second year of University in all 98 disciplines at University of North Texas. Students are taught entirely by faculty of the school, used the entire facility, modern equipment of the University of North Texas. The school is 354 hectares wide with attractive sports such as soccer, volleyball, tennis, athletics, swimming, diving …;

Each student of OnCampus TEXAS owns an academic advisor from the first days of admission until the end of first year university, helping the students quickly adapt to American culture, the American learning methods, academic counseling and major, support of filing for transfering to the second year University. Small class size is 15-20 students to ensure all students interested and attentive care, promoting the high interaction between students and teachers.

Student is requested to stay in domitories at University of North Texax during the OnCampus TEXAS program in the first year. Living expenses are included in the dormitory fee and dining expenses.

The group of training:

Business: Marketing, Economics, Law, Accounting, Finance, International Relations, Communications, Public Relations, Tourism Hotels, Real Estate, Logistics Chain Management …;

Science: Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Geography …;

Engineering: Computer Science, Information Technology, Biomedical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer …;

Art: Drama, Fashion, Music, Art, Performing Arts …;

Social group: Psychology, Sociology, Education, Political Science, unclassified sector

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