University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (UAFS) is a public university founded in 1928. The school is located in the historical Fort Smith, the second largest city in the state of Arkansas with 90,000 residents and has been rated as the city with the lowest living expenses in America by Forbes Magazine. UAFS has a beautiful campus of 68 hectares in width, winning the architectural beauty award, more than 20 modern main buildings with the highlights is the largest bell tower in the Central-south America.

UAFS is focused on equipping graduates with the skills and training courses needed to help students succeed both in terms of society, education and future careers. With more than 50 student organizations on campus, students have many opportunities to participate in learning activities, culture, society as a foundation for future work. Most students are engaged in practice program.

UAFS has nearly 7600 students, 7 faculties: Applied Science and Technology; Business; Education; Medicine; Humanities and Social Affairs; Language and Communication; Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics. The school’s curriculum is recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Why should you choose UAFS:

– Low Tuition of only $ 12,000 / year

– Quality training program, among the list of the best University of the South (US News & World Report 2012)

– Certified by AACSB – accreditation agency of the most prestigious business programs – Our team includes the experienced trainers, lower class sizes, maximum support in study and personal matters.

– Having the nice and safe campus (elected in 2003), modern facilities, advanced technology for support of students

– Enthusiastic volunteers, the internships and job opportunities

– Much attractive opportunity in scholarships worth up to $ 33,000 for the entire university course / 4 years

Curriculum: English: College, University, the diversified major:


– Associate of Arts (A.Ã): for students who may not identify the disciplines

– Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S): Architecture, Digital Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics …

– Associate of General Studies (A.G.S): for students not identified the discipline or want to transfer to a university to get Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership


– Bachelor of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Chemical specializes in Biochemistry, Graphic Design, Information Technology (Data Management, Network Administration, Writing programs, Web Design), Mathematics, Organizational Leadership.

– Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing.

– Bachelor of Science in Nursing

– Bachelor of Applied Science

– Bachelor of Arts: English, History, Communications, Music, Psychology, Studio, Opera


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