Europe is the continent which most of exchange students aspire to by excellent quality of education, outstanding economic development, dynamic academic life and a good environment to improve and enhance their language skills … Among them, Spain is the ideal location both for cost and entry requirements that you need to consult.

  1. Studying university without entrance exams

Most universities in Spain has input requirement to achieve a GPA of above 6.0 and pass the hard entrance examination including 4 subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, geography, biology …

At Coruna University, you will have a definite place for University course or MSc at the school which is among the top 10 public schools of Spain..

  1. The modern seaside school

Coruna University is a modern school building located in the great seaport city of A Coruna in northern Spain, capital of the region of Galicia. This is the residential place of 2nd richest billionairy in the world, boss of fashion.

A Coruna has many architectural works with long history, important city in Roman period and today is one of the modern cities bearing a international value. The symbol of the city which is the Tower of Hércules – “Lighthouse” by the ancient Romans, is still used until now. Because of the interference between the history and modernity, between natural beauty and unique man-made structures which is interested by many international students for learning, discovering and experiencing.

The school has two campuses: A Coruna and Ferrol with over 40 undergraduate programs and more than 80 graduate programs.

  1. Lower Fees

This school is sponsored by government, the tuition if low here. You will not be able to get a lower tuition rate in any other European country.

Bachelor programs:

  • Tuition fees: 738 Euro / year with the Faculty of Law, Business Administration, Business Administration and Tourism, Business Administration and Law, Communications, Economics, Tourism, Sociology, …
  • Tuition: 1,044 euros / year with the Architecture, Construction, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Marine, Biotechnology, Chemical, Nurse, Surgery,.

Graduate program:

  • Tuition: 1300-2300 Euro with Applied English, Architecture, Water Technology, Maritime Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Shipbuilding, Chemistry, Marine, Advanced biotechnology, technology and environmental management, health care, …

In addition to these programs in Spanish, and you are interested in the curriculum in English and have a lot of choices here, but tuition is not changed.

Students studying business administration at JCU Singapore will be selected 1 additional major and outside the current speciality without payment of any additional expense. For example, students studying Master of Information Technology can register for dual degree program of Master of Business Administration – Information Technology

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