Studying Malaysia with international quality, preferential fees

Malaysia is currently one of the potential markets in study overseas which are selected much. Here are some of the reasons which students choose to study in Malaysia:

– The high quality of education, getting international standards, has always been closely monitored by the Ministry of Education and the Education Commission examination.

– Fees are reasonable and the variety of courses

– There is a wide choice of Undergraduate programs or college to suit each individual.

– The Malaysian universities are associated with universities in Britain, Australia, the United States providing an opportunity for students to gain international qualifications at their favorite universities at a lower cost.

– The widely use of English in Malaysia facilitates the students with available fair proficiency in English capital to attend the course, but students who have not been really well in English can easily enhance and improve the level.

It is far from the center of Kuala Lumpur capital 15 minutes by train or bus, APU is proud to be the ideal place to explore by advanced technical background and innovation gone abreast. The school is trained the University level and Master under majors: Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, Development of electronic games, Information Technology, Power-Electronics, Software Development, Security of computer network, Electronic Commerce, software Engineer … students will be recognized the dual degree of APU and Staffordshire university, UK.

Legenda Education Group has five schools including: University of Legenda, Mantin Medical Academy, Institute of Jati, University of Linton and Pertama Institute of Technology. Ending of the course, students will be issued the degree from UK universities such as Coventry University and the University of East London.

UCSI was founded in 1986. The school offers majors such as Business, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Architecture, Applied Science, Medicine, Social Sciences, Music … with modern equipment to serve teaching and learning. With UCSI ‘s degree, students are also allowed to transfer to overseas universities to complete the final year.

KLIUC offers more than 30 programs from pre-university to doctors. The majority of KLIUC’s programs are accredited by Malaysia MQA standard organization and international standards ISO 9001: 2008. KLIUC is strong in disciplines: Architecture, Construction Engineer , electronic Engineer, technology in the construction, water technology and sewage industry …. In addition the school has business specialities such as Business Administration, Accounting.

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