In many years, Finland education is ranked first in the world continously, on the whole American education. The secret of the Finnish government is a huge investment in education. All levels from primary school to university, masters are completely tuition-free. In January and September each year, the Finland public universities are enrolled the student for the international courses taught entirely in English including the universities such as: Lahti, Savonia, Hamk, Vaasa, Laurea, Metropolia, Central Ostrobothnia, Kaajani, Kymenlaakso, Jyvaskyla, Oulu, Saimaa, Arcada,

  1. UNIVERSITY OF ARCADA: was founded in 1996 and is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training in 1998. The school has about 170 faculty and staff and 2700 students with 16 undergraduate programs including 3 curricula in English. Currently the number of international student accounts for 10% coming from 40 countries around the world

Majors: International Business, Technology of Pressing Plastic, Nursing

  1. CENTRIA OSTROBOTNIA UNIVERSITY: situated in the west of Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia, Central Ostrobotnia University of Applied Sciences is very modern and dynamic. The university has campuses in four cities such as: Kokkola, Ylivieska, Pietarsaari and Haapajarvi. Faculty of information technology and chemistry are located in the coastal city of Kokkola with 36,000 residents, is renowned for its international trade exchange and shipbuilding industry.

Majors: Business Management, Industrial Management, Nursing, Information Technology, Environmental Technology, International Business,

  1. HAMK UNIVERSITY: Hame University is located in Valkeakoski city and Riihimaki in the Southern Finland and away from Helsinki capital 145 km. Currently, Hame University has more than 7,000 students and 800 employees. It is a large polytechnic school with 7 training campuses located in different cities. The majors give the student much creative chance with the subjects associated with practical life. Graduates have much job opportunity in countries around the world.

Majors: Bachelor of International Business (Valkeakoski), Engineer of Construction (Hämeenlinna, Visamaki), Mechanical Engineer and Production Technology (Riihimaki), Automation

  1. University of Jyväskylä: is a large chool in central Finland, about 250km from Helsinki, with over 7500 students. Jyvaskyla is one of the largest cities of Finland with more than 50,000 people.
  2. UNIVERSITY Kajaani: located in the city of Kajaani, Kainuu regional center of the capital by Hel 600 Km moon Kajaani University has over 5,000 students and 130 faculty members.

Major: Bachelor of International Business, Management of entertainment,

  1. University of Lapland: was named from 2 schools of Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi, located in 3 cities such as: Kemi – Tornio and Rovaniemi in the central north of Finland, 700 km to the north of Helsinki. Rovaniemi is also seen as the 2nd capital of Finland, this is the very developed commercial center. Major: in Tornio City: Management of information systems, Kemi: Healthcare, Nursing Rovanieme: International Business, Hospitality and Tourism
  2. Kymenlaakso University is one of the universities of applied sciences issued the enrollment permit by Ministry of Education and Training of Finland from 1992. The annual sales is up to 23 billion Euro. The school has two campuses located in Kotka and Kouvola cities with 3500 students and 500 teachers. The school has a cooperation relationship to over 100 famous educational institutes of 30 countries (France, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, China ….). The majority of international partners are in Europe, but there are several partners in Asia and the Americas.

Majors: International Business, Game Design (degree of culture and art)

  1. Lahti UNIVERSITY: is one of the famous Universities of Finland, located in Lahti and Heinola cities which are bustling and developed in the south of Finland, 1h away from Helsinki capital by car or bus (about 100km).

Major: International Business, Management of Information Systems, Nursing, Hospitality Management, Security Management, Social Services

  1. University of Laurea: is far from the central city of Helsinki10 km. The school has about 8000 students. The school gives students all the best learning conditions of a university of applied sciences in Helsinki such as modern teaching equipment and unique teaching methods only at Laurea.

Majors: Business Administration, Management of Information Systems.

  1. NOVIA UNIVERSITY: there are about 4000 students and 400 teachers. The school has five training facilities in Jakobstad / Nykarleby, Vaasa (Seriegatan and Wolffskavagen), Raseborg and Turku. In which the English program is taught at Vaasa, Raseborg and Turku with specialities: Management of shipbuilding (Turku), Environmental Engineering (Vaasa, Wolffskavagen), Managing of Territorial Waters (Raseborg)

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